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Substances are removed from the water or added to be able to set parameters and the water quality is specifically improved.


We systematically identify potential for improvement in the structure or work processes by determining system and performance data.


In addition to water treatment, we supply reliable and individual solutions for measurement and regulation.


The formation of scale and corrosion in the boiler system can be reduced by chemical treatment in combination with 3D TRASAR technology.


We run systems in the areas of processing, filtering, measuring, regulating and dosing and for water circulation systems


Let us advise you and we will find optimal solutions for your business. We determine our solution approaches based on measured data in your company and then find plants that can best implement the desired result.


We offer you innovative and market-leading technologies, such as the 3D TRASAR ™ from NALCO. In this way we guarantee the complete and automated monitoring of all relevant parameters, especially during the ongoing operation of a plant. Due to the continuous measurement results on corrosion, product content and biological load on the system and the resulting optimization processes, systems are less susceptible to faults and largely determine the positive business balance.

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WBS GmbH offers you well thought-out and ecologically conscious concepts for the desired adjustment of the water quality, which correspond to current standards of environmental technology. With a performance profile focused on the needs of our customers, we deliver the user modules tailored to your processes. Basic concepts for disinfection such as UV and ozone application are available to you as well as ion exchange and membrane systems.

In order that water can be used permanently in a system, components that can cause faults must be consistently removed. Most of the time, it is necessary to improve the current water quality in order to ensure smooth operation.

CHEMISTRY – cooling water

In many industries, water treatment in cooling towers is an integrated part of the process. Scale formation, corrosion, fouling processes and microbiological contamination create the risk of impairment of productivity and product quality. Costs can skyrocket for an operation if these water treatment problems result in loss of heat transfer in the cooling tower, equipment failure, and health and safety issues. The formation of scale and corrosion in the boiler system can be reduced by chemical treatment in combination with 3D TRASAR technology. With remote monitoring from the System Assurance Center, you can also focus on the profitability of your operations. Contact our specialist advisors today and improve the operation of your boiler system.

Wastewater treatment requires a lot of attention and integrated solutions, because there are not many other processes in which the input is so variable and yet a result of consistently high quality is required. We offer you a variety of tools to efficiently analyze, evaluate and treat your entire wastewater operation from pre-treatment to discharge.
The rise in the need for better global water management is also increasing the management of this valuable resource in industrial operations. In order to achieve this goal, several points have to be considered. On the one hand, water has to be saved wherever possible in industrial operations, on the other hand, the search for innovative options for treating individual or combined wastewater streams and the recycling of water for water improvement and better energy efficiency.


We will integrate efficient and future-proof systems into your company in order to get a significantly better cost-benefit result in the future. Our service also includes the installation and commissioning of the systems. The operating personnel of your company receive detailed instruction with training and further education for the devices.

Another service we offer is the systematic inspection and cleaning of the systems, as well as the maintenance of all system parts. We measure and compare different values and can use them to develop solution concepts to further increase the performance of the devices. We get you spare parts, special parts and chemicals that you need for our devices and install them for you. In the event of malfunctions, we are quickly on site and deal with the problem.